Extracurricular Activities

After-School Activities Spring 2018

Mt. Airy Girls Soccer after the Fall Tournament After-school programs and extracurricular activities provide a richer environment to help students learn and grow. At Mt. Airy, students have access to a variety of programs and activities to explore their interests.

For our students Kindergarten through Sixth Grade we currently offer karate, soccer, tennis, chess, second grade enrichment, boys mentoring (Men Organized Respectful and Educated - M.O.R.E.), girls mentoring (Aspire Grades four-six), Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts.  We encourage you to sign your child up for one or several of our after school programs.

Please review the After-School Spring Activities Schedule and if you have any questions regarding after school activities please contact our Community Coordinator Ms. TJ Smith at (513) 363-3754.


Boy Scouts 

Boy Scouts work with our after school program. They provide mentoring for our boys along with teaching them several other team building skills to help build confidence.   

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio works with our after school program. They continue to work with our girls to build confidence and character.

Men Organized Respectful and Educated (M.O.R.E.)

M.O.R.E. is an after-school group for boys that is designed to strategically support and promote measurable improvements in academic achievement, promotion rates, graduation rates, and college readiness, with an emphasis on developing strong character.  The content of M.O.R.E. consists of Academic Support, Social Skills Development, College & Career Awareness, Financial Literacy, and Health & Wellness.

Martial Arts

Five White Tigers work with our after school program to provide basic martial arts instruction to our K-6 grade students. Five White Tigers also prepares some of our students for the annual district wide tournament.   

Performing Arts, Inc.

Performing Arts Inc. provides dance classes for our students every Wednesday after school. Our students are able to choose between Hip Hop Dance and Ballet. Thanks to their hard work our students are able to perform at some school sponsored community events.  



ABC Sports or Activities Beyond the Classroom help promote our intermediate soccer clubs. Through ABC we host a Fall and Spring girls soccer invitational. We continue to work with ABC to provide a variety of engaging programming for our students.