Mt. Airy Elementary School
Educating Students to Be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe
Welcome to Mt. Airy Elementary School!  We are proud to serve over 600 students in the Mt. Airy community.  Our goal daily is to give your child our very best through an engaging and rigorous curriculum.  The staff here at Mt. Airy operates on the motto "All Hands On Deck".  We believe that we all play a key role in our students success. 
Mt. Airy prides itself on being a part of the Mt. Airy Community.  As a Comuunity Learning Center we host events throughout the year including Mt. Airy Town Council, after school programs, yoga, and coming soon home ownership.  Please view our Involvement page for more information about our after school programming and activities.  
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                     Mt Airy Staff
Mt Airy School is committed to developing lifelong learners through a rigourous and comprehensive educational program.  We provide quality instruction in a collaborative and cooperative environment to ensure that our students are prepared for college and career.